Life of a Substitute Teacher: February 20, 2024

Today was another easier day for me as I ventured into another high school classroom. The subject was listed in Frontline (our assignment platform) said Business Technology, but it was actually a variety of courses. The first class was an English class, then the second class was a cybersecurity essentials course, then marketing essentials, and the school’s yearbook class.

All of the students had their work to do on the computers in the classroom. There were some that decided not to do their work and instead either watch shows, or just play video games. But the important part was the students keeping to themselves or talking at a reasonable volume.

The only class I had real issues with was the last class. Several students were making inappropriate noises, and there were even accusations of theft. As much as I don’t want to intervene on situations like the latter, when a student is telling their fellow peers to give them their phone back, I think it’s best to step up. The student managed to get their phone back, whether or not they were looking for attention, at least had I not stepped in, then that’s all they would have continued on about. Some objects were thrown around as well, but I made sure to leave note of that.

Tomorrow I embark to yet another high school, as a substitute working with exceptional students. I actually previously worked with students with exceptional needs at my college, so I already have experience on that front.

Until next time!