Hello, World! (Summer Life Update)

WHOA. It’s a new blog post!

I know I have been heavily rejecting my blog again, but I think it’s mainly because I don’t really have a reason to check my website anymore and start the server up every other day. 😛

I’ve setup cron jobs to make sure my IRC server, the website, and ZNC bouncer all stay online without the need to manually reboot them every time one of them goes down.

Anyways, enough about the site..let’s move onto a life update!

Since I’ve last posted, I’ve gone to Virginia and back, and now I want to move up there. However, I highly suggest not to take a two-week vacation away from home anymore, unless it’s filled with multiple stops, because you will miss where you stayed if you only go to one place. I cried the day I was leaving Virginia, because I saw more family up here than I ever have, and I wish that I could still see them to this day. That, and I lost ten pounds during those two weeks, despite eating more than I normally do! Richmond is such a beautiful city, and it’s very easy to get around on foot without issue. Motorists are also far more courteous up here than in Florida, which is a blessing because it means the roadways are safer. I have plans to return to Virginia later this year in November, and I really cannot wait for that trip since I’ll get to see the changes in tree leaves as I head further north.

Also, I’ve since started taking classes again. I took an English class at my community college as a non degree-seeking student because it’s cheaper than having to take it at my university, where I will continue my aspirations for a degree in IT. The English class wasn’t overly bad, but I essentially skipped the final assignment because of my vacation in Virginia. I knew that I had enough points to pass the course, which was why I went with the “fuck it” attitude. I know I shouldn’t have done that, because it can shape future habits with studying, but I was far too busy with my family and time in Virginia.

Since returning to Florida, METROCON has come and gone as it does every summer, and my summer class ended. I’m just pretty much working four days a week (as I have all summer) without the hassle of the coursework until school starts back up on August 20th. It’ll be my first time at the university as a student, so I plan to arrive super early just to see how it is, and I’ll likely adjust from there.

Anyways, I’ll see you guys around! Please poke me if I don’t post to my blog, because I really do want to write up more on here. 🙂

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