March madness

There’s a lot going on this month for me this month! It’s spring break next week, and of course today only being Tuesday, stuff is winding down already at work and you can tell that it’s around the corner for sure. That’s the great thing about working at a college: you get breaks! However, being a part-timer, it’s not paid. 🙁

I also filed taxes for the first time ever in my life this year. It wasn’t too difficult, but mainly because I am still technically a dependent, and I didn’t have to fill out a lot of forms. My boss installed TurboTax onto one of the computers for people to use so that they could electronically file, plus it’s a huge money-saver for me so that I wouldn’t have to get TurboTax for myself nor have to go see a CPA. While yes, I could file on my own using every single form from the IRS website if I wanted to, who would want to go through that difficulty? Also, I filed because I found out I was eligible to get a refund. 😊

Finally, I just want to say: what happened to the warm weather that happened in February, and why couldn’t it just be cold in February and warm in March? Now that we’re in a new month, temperatures here in Florida have pretty much fallen back to where they belonged—for January. Tomorrow’s high temperature is 69°F (21°C), which is below the norm of 75°F (24°C). While I am certain that it will warm up later on in March to be back near (and above) that norm, it just feels surreal to even think about “winter” temps for Florida at this time of year. The temperatures from this February have caused so much confusion that oak trees began to bloom (ah-choo), and now just about everyone who doesn’t keep their car in a garage has an extra yellow tint everywhere.

Alrighty, that’s that! I’ll have more things to blog about in the near future, so be sure to stay tuned. :]

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