A neat encounter, to say the least!

I was alone for dinner tonight, because my father had to go practice with the band at church. So, I decided to hit up Five Guys. Not only is Five Guys my favorite fast food place to get burgers and fries, it’s also conveniently on the way home from my job. ūüėõ

It was raining tonight, too. If you guys know me, I have a liking for Pokémon. What does that have to do with it raining? Well, I have this umbrella featuring Pikachu and Poké Balls on it! As I was walking up to the restaurant, I saw this family of three (a mom, her mom, and a young boy), and the boy immediately shook his head and smiled at me once he spotted the umbrella.

After entering, the boy was simply amazed at my umbrella, and then he spotted my Mimikyu and Tapu Koko pins on my shirt. It was then he realized I was quite the outgoing Pok√©mon fan. His folks certainly didn’t mind him talking to me, and were happy to see he was ecstatic to talk Pok√©mon with me. I didn’t want to leave him upset, so I had quite a good chat while we were in there, and while eating, too.

The family is from Wisconsin, and I said “welcome to Florida!” to them, as it certainly is not everyday that I run across folks who aren’t from here. They permitted me to order in front of them as they still deliberated on what to get. It was right there that they told me that where they’re from, there aren’t any Five Guys restaurants. I told them that they would love it (and they did!), and it was the best place to get a burger that’s not at a chain or local restaurant. They also asked about Busch Gardens and if I had ever been, and I told them about my experiences and fun of going there. It also felt helpful in being able to provide directions to a nearby Walgreens without looking at my phone, since they asked about that as well.

Once we were sat down and eating (they sat at the table next to where I sat), the young boy asked me about what I do with Pok√©mon and whether I play the trading card game. I told him that I’m trying to get a little competitive, and he told me that he’s into leagues back at home. It was there I found out he started out with Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, as he had asked me when Black and White came out, since I mentioned those games. He also mentioned he started collecting cards with XY Flashfire, which was the set released from before I started collecting again.

So overall, this was a fun encounter! I am glad that I got to meet a family from out of state, in addition to getting to talk with someone who is many years younger about my most-favorite interest‚ąíPok√©mon! I wished the family the best for their experiences down here in Florida and soon afterward left on my way to head home.

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