Turning down a job offer and how it feels

Yesterday, I managed to get a job offer at a small store in the local mall after turning my resume into them about a month ago. However, when I turned in my resume, I would have easily assumed that I’d be living a stress-free life taking two classes and maintaining two jobs. Let’s just say that right now, I can barely hold a job and devote myself to my courses.

I’ll be honest: I never thought I’d walk out of the store with a guaranteed chance to have the job. The employee on duty at the time said “good luck” to me after I handed her my resume, and she stuck it under a counter. I’m just fortunate to see that they reached out to me looking for my assistance in keeping their business successful.

I have no problem talking about which store this is, and it’s called Pop Cult. They’re a locally-based retail outlet with two locations in two malls around the Tampa Bay Area, specializing in apparel and merchandise focused mainly around Japanese culture, with some American fandom merchandise too (like Disney). To describe their store, I’d put it this way: a stationary dealer’s room (like those at anime conventions). They sell all sorts of anime wall scrolls, figurines, shirts, and bags. A lot of the merchandise they have in stock are items normally only found in booths at an anime convention’s dealers room.

Anyways, I told my dad about the job offer and receiving the call. I told him that I needed to turn it down because I wouldn’t have time to be able to do schoolwork if I were to take the position. He advised me to call the hiring manager back and let them know, instead of just ignoring the call. I did call them back just a few minutes ago, and left a voicemail. I hope though that they won’t have a negative view of me for turning down a job offer, even after the fact that I was interested in working with them. I still very much support them as a company, and I wish the best of luck to any others who may have applied like myself.

Feel free to tell me about your experiences with job offers! I’d like to know as well if maybe I did something right or wrong, because I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to securing a job position either.

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  1. He advised me to call the hiring manager back and let them know, instead of just ignoring the call.” Very good advice on his part. Always call them back, because if you’re friendly about it and professional and leave a good impression, of circumstances change for you, and they have an open spot, they might just hire you. I had something similar a few years back, and I turned them down, and a few months later got in touch. At that time, I had another opportunity, so I turned them down again, and even though we haven’t been in touch, I know I might have another shot at it.

    Thanks for reading!

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